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BattleMechs and Your Role

Table of Contents

00 : Boot Camp
01 : BattleMechs and Your Role
02 : Team Work and Communication


It is the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across human occupied space. These wars are won and lost by Mechwarriors piloting BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal war machines bristling with lasers, autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons; enough firepower to level entire city blocks. You are a MechWarrior, an elite warrior, who pilots one of these juggernauts into battle, proudly holding your faction's flag high, intent on expanding the power and glory of your realm.

Even though we are fighting in the future most of the technology has been lost. Centuries of civil war, unrest, war and fighting has resulted in most technology becoming destroyed or lost (known as Lostech). Much of the infrastructure and expertise necessary to produce the most advanced BattleMechs was lost, with the result, by the early 31st century, most Great Houses were fielding models that were centuries old. BattleMechs although kings of the battlefields have become more valuable and important than water or people's lives.

Will you become a legend, or forgotten casualties? Only your skill and luck will determine your fate!

Light BattleMechs

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Light 'Mechs are those that weigh between 20 and 35 tons, these Light BattleMechs move fast and strike without warning. Usually light 'Mechs value speed over armor and weapons allowing them to maintain high rates of speed. Even though they tend to run lighter on weapons, do not let that fool you. They often serve as scout 'Mechs and fire-support 'Mechs using their speed and agility to allow them to pick apart their opponents.

Announced Battlemechs: Commando, Raven, Jenner, Spider

Medium BattleMechs

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Medium 'Mechs weigh between 40 and 55 tons and are very versatile. It can carry a wide range of weapon systems mixed with the balance of speed and armor, making them unique and dangerous opponents on hte battlefield. Some, such as the Hellspawn, have significant electronics payloads and are used as scout 'Mechs; others like the Hunchback carry powerful weapons and can serve as front-line or fire support units. In the BattleTech universe, the medium 'Mech is the workhorse 'Mech of most armies. Those that max out the engine can serve as useful recon units.

Announced Battlemechs: Cicada, Centurion, Hunchback, Trebuchet

Heavy BattleMechs

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Heavy 'Mechs mass between 60 and 75 tons. They're versatile like medium 'Mechs, but generally have much heavier weapon payloads and slower speed. These 'Mechs are large enough to mount weapons like Gauss Rifles and heavy autocannon, but are still light enough to have decent maneuverability and attain speeds of up to 90 km/h. Many of the most famous and popular designs are heavy 'Mechs.

Announced Battlemechs: Catapult, Cataphract, Dragon, Jagermech

Assault BattleMechs

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Assault 'Mechs are the heaviest class of BattleMech in Classic BattleTech, weighing in between 80 and 100 tons. Some of these huge 'Mechs can mount weapons and armour of a greater tonnage than some entire medium 'Mechs. The trade-off is in speed and maneuverability, as assault 'Mechs are generally very slow.

These 'Mechs are often used as command units, heavy assault platforms and heavy fire-support. Some common Inner Sphere command 'Mechs are the BattleMaster and Cyclops, which both have above average electronics while maintaining heavy weapon payloads.

Announced Battlemechs: Awesome, Atlas, Stalker, Highlander


Before you even pick your Battlemech you should identify the type of player that you are. Your playstyle and the role you want to play in the group will usually determine what 'mech would best suit you. You should be piloting a 'mech that fits your role and style of play.


Do you prefer to operate on your own? Are you the guy that likes to flank behind the enemy or scout them out? Maybe you like to be the distraction, keeping the backlines busy while the front line troops get into position. The roles that best suit those type of players is Scout, Headhunter (gets behind the enemy, shoots them in back or head) or Decoy. Fast moving light and medium 'mechs are best suited for these roles (ie: Jenner, Hunchback).

The scouts job is to identify the enemy 'mechs so you can prioritize the major targets. They also can flank the enemy, get behind them to core them or be used to draw them out. Often times players will get stuck into the first person shooter mentality and want to focus on someone trying to get that kill shot. When they are focused like that they tend to lose focus of their team and try to continue after them to kill them.


Do you prefer to be support class? Maybe you like to shoot at long range with missiles or snipe at the enemy with your PPC and/or Gauss Rifles. The roles that fall into the support class are usually long range 'mechs or escorts – (ie: Catapult, Dragon, Atlas, Hunchback)

You are either long range support that you stand on the high ground and hit everyone at long range or you are the escort for the biggies. An Atlas may be big but it dies easily to a circling Jenner or a Hunchback that has gotten behind it to core him. Your job isn't necessarily to be the one with the kill shots but to make sure your main weapon platforms are surviving to get the kill shots. You either pepper the enemy at the distance, keeping them distracted or you escort them in and weave in and out letting your team do the rest.


Do you prefer to be the big heavy? You like to wade into battle like a warrior, get into the thick of it and just unleash everything. Your role in battle is usually the Assault or Battle roles. (ie: Dragon, Atlas, Catapult).

This isn't the easiest role of everything but you can get easily overwhelmed. Just because you are the biggest bully on the block but if you are overheating then you can't focus your fire effectively. Even though you have a lot of heat sinks, if you don't time your shots properly you can easily overheat and then be a sitting duck to everyone.

Picking a Battlemech is also important because not all 'mechs are the same. Be sure to look at the hardpoints for the mechs. Let's say you wanted to versatile design and you picked something you thought you could easily swap out weapons. For the most parts weapons are easy to swap out but you are still limited to the amount of hardpoints. You pick your mech and decide you like but want to protect your missiles more so you want to move them from your arms to torso. As you can see you won't be able to do that. So if you bought this design with the hopes of adapting it to your needs you might find it won't do exactly what you need. After you identify what role you like to play, it is important when you pick your mech that it not only suit you but plan ahead for what you may need it to also do.

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